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Say it in Dutch, are you looking for information about the netherlands in english? this is the place to be!.

Want to learn Dutch? These links might help you!   TIP
Learn Dutch online in order to pass the Civic Integration Exam at the Netherlands Embassy to apply for your MVV Visa. * 1. Learn the Dutch language in 30 days in order to pass your Civic Integration Exam at the Dutch Embassy. * 2. No need to go to school or to buy CD,s or books to learn the language part of the exam. * 3. Over 2500 audiofiles online. * 4. Live test exam through Skype.
Here you can learn Dutch online with a effective Flashcard System. With only 5-10 minutes a day you will be able to improve your Dutch in a short time.   TIP
Welcome to the Direct Dutch institute. We provide effective courses for foreigners wishing to acquire an active command of Dutch while staying in the Netherlands.
Welcome to this Dutch online grammar course. You probably arrived on this page because you take an interest in the Dutch language. Whether you need to learn Dutch for your work or you are just studying it for fun, I hope this site will make the learning process an enjoyable experience.

Laura Speaks Dutch Laura Speaks Dutch
This podcast has been created to help you speak Dutch. Using irregular episodes youíll learn how to speak the language, some information on the Netherlands and some useful tips. I onced aimed at presenting five minute episodes that are easy to follow, informative and fun! Now the podcasts are of irregular length, but generally somewhere around ten minutes. I donít claim to bring you a perfect Dutch course, but just a fun way to pick up some sayings and learn about out beautiful nation at the same time. Why is this podcast called Laura speaks Dutch? Well in 2006 I met Laura Davis in San Diego. We fell in love and I wanted her to know what type of work I do and what a podcast is. It helped with the endless long distance between us (more than 6,000 miles is not really easy to overcome). Since the Internet is an open medium quite rapidly other people joined the party and the podcast started to really live. Meanwhile a large group of people are enjoying the lessons and thatís a good thing. Unfortunately the distance killed the relationship in the end, but both Laura and I feel the podcast is a fun and good thing. We are still good friends and as you canít erase the beautiful memory of the times we had together in the US and the Netherlands, the podcast is still some testimonial to that. So after a short interruption I continued the episodes and they are now available nearly every week. I will make them as long as it is fun to do so and that is clearly the case at the moment.

Learn Learn
The Learn Dutch website is a resource for Distance Learners who like to excercise their mind with a difficult-to-learn language. This online Dutch language course is used in 122 countries.
Learn Dutch with free Online language courses, this is a Integral Dutch Course for foreigners. There is grammar description, interpretation and a short text in every lesson. It is quite a good methode for beginners to study.

Learning Dutch Learning Dutch
Learning Dutch? (Suggested Method)
Welcome to the free Dutch language guide of Learn Online. Here you will find a clear and straightforward explanation of the basic rules of Dutch grammar and spelling. To start, click on one of the menus on the left. Do you really want to get into Dutch language? We offer interactive exercises along with all the theory that is dealt with in this language guide   TIP
Learn to speak Dutch language with Audios online
Learn to speak Dutch - The easy way!
Learn Dutch online for free! - Multilingual Dutch dictionary - Multilingual Dutch dictionary

Terra linguas Terra linguas   TIP
terra linguas is a FREE new language education website that delivers at least 18,000 words, phrases or sentences in most of the 13 currently available languages. All entries are spoken by native speakers in each language. Users may also control the playback speed of the audio as well as inject ambient noises into the background to become accustomed to hearing their new language in different speeds and situations. terra linguas also has dynamic conversation lessons which continually vary to teach the user to listen to their new language as well as hear the various ways a native speaker may continue the dialog. Users that speak any of the 13 currently available languages can learn any of the other available languages in their language. An additional 6-7 languages should be available by the end of March 2010.

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